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HU-Snood Thick Snoods

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The Snood is a decorative hairnet which was historically worn by women with or without a hat or other head covering. The snood is functional as well as decorative. Snoods keep ones hair out of the way, helps keep it clean when doing messy jobs and keeps hair neat and tidy.

In Scotland, wearing a snood was a sign of chastity in unmarried women, and an in England it was an indication of virtue in married women.

During Elizabethan times, snoods were often embellished with precious stones, beads, pearls, lace and/or gems (depending on the status and wealth of the wearer).

Crocheting was invented in the 18th Century, so before that medieval snoods were made of knotted threads or fillet-knotted lace. Some snoods meant to protect the hair were made of thicker cloth such as muslin.

Our snoods can be wrapped around a section of hair twice to become a caul if preferred. A caul is a smaller snood designed to encase a specific section of hair, such as a bun or roll. Snoods are large enough to cover the most or all of ones hair while cauls (or bun covers) are designed to cover just a portion of the hair.

Our snoods may also be worn as an Italian coif or as a balzo. These were snood variants that were worn with or without a hat. Men also wore these coverings.

During the middle ages hair snoods were held in place with a ribbon or hair pins. Our snoods are designed to be easier to wear by adding a band of elastic around the edge to hold them snugly around your head. A bit of ribbon can be added to give a more authentic appearance.

Our snoods are made of rayon, which is smooth and resists allowing strands of hair to escape and become caught in the net. These are inexpensive and come in a wide variety of colors. We recommend purchasing a whole range of colors so that you have one available to complement every outfit.

Our snoods may be hand washed or machine washed in a lingerie bag on gentle cycle in cool water. Hang to dry as dryer heat may wear out the elastic and could cause your snood to loose its shape.

People with any length of hair can wear our snoods. Ladies with short hair will be given the appearance of having fuller and longer hair. Ladies with long hair may wear their hair either loosely rolled into the snood, or may wish to braid their hair before donning the snood. It was even the style in some periods to add hair extensions or filler material to make the snood appear fuller and thus give the appearance of having more hair.

Snoods are becoming popular again in this age. They are being seen in proms, formal dances, weddings and other formal events. They are also very handy for keeping long hair tidy while still looking elegant. They are even recommended as a great way to disguise bad hair days.

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