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About Us

The Pillaged Village
31E Eagle Court
Carlisle, OH 45005-6325
Toll-Free 877-793-1066

The Serious stuff first...

Our Mission:
The goal of the Pillaged Village is to be your favorite general merchandise store for all your historical reenactment and unique gift needs. We accomplish this goal by our vast assortment of goods, by our superior customer service and by our ability to find unique products. Our vast shopping and raiding network allows us to pass low prices along to our favorite person - YOU!

How Wendy (the Owner) started The Pillaged Village in 1987:

The Pillaged Village started in 1987, on a blanket under a tree in Slippery Rock, PA at an event called "Pennsic War" because Wendy baked too many Chocolate Chip cookies*. Selling was fun, so the next year she sewed some tunics, brought extra trim and a few other items and upgraded to a tent. In 1991 she started going to events other than Pennsic, and in 1996 her brother helped her to go online. In 1994 she went on maternity leave with her second daughter from her job as a chemical engineer, and has not gone back to her "real job" since.

*See more about this story and Cookies here.

The Cast and Crew:

The owner loves finding cool new stuff to offer for sale. Talk to her if you want something special and can't find it, perhaps she can locate it for you.

Her family helps out (whether they want to or not) at Pennsic, and over the summer. The kids help from the moment they are born until they escape to go off on their own. Aren't family businesses fun? (Bwahaha!)

Picture of Owner Owner with 


Scott came onboard in 1996 and quickly became indispensable. He is the face seen at most events, the guy with tons of personality. He is the manager who is in charge of keeping things running on a day to day basis. He is also the technical guru who makes sure the computers talk to each other do all the technical stuff without blowing up.

Dinee keeps the packages going out and is the main person who talks to customers. She is capable of single handedly keeping up with ringing phones, customers in the store, invoicing, packing and shipping orders, posting items on Ebay and petting the store cat.

One day last winter a stray cat came along and adopted us. “We are a business, not an animal shelter!” the owner stated. “But, I suppose we can feed him until we find his owner”. Sir Fluffy gets lots of attention, regular vet check-ups, lots of attention, top quality food, lots of attention, more toys than some kids and lots of attention. But, we are just keeping him until his owner shows up. Anyone want to take bets on how soon Sir Fluffy is leaving? He does not seem concerned!

Camera Shy

How You can Help Us:

If we miss the ball, or (God Forbid!) Strike out , please, Please, PLEASE! Let us know as soon as possible. We will do everything in our power to make it right.

If we make a home run (We try to hit 100% out of the park!), please tell everyone you know and/or leave a nice comment in our testimonials section.

If you see ways in which we can improve, please send comments and suggestions. There may be a reason why we have to do things in a way that does not make sense, or we won’t know how to implement the suggestion right away, but we appreciate all help and we will improve everything that we can!

The last time we checked, a major league baseball player was considered pretty special if his batting average was over 0.33. That means that he gets it right a third of the time. So, these superstars can screw up two thirds of the time and still be considered superstars. They have the advantage of knowing immediately if they hit or missed. The rest of the us mortals don’t always get such immediate feedback.

The Bottom Line:

The Pillaged Village is your One Stop Shop for all your Historical Needs!

We welcome all your comments and suggestions.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

The Owner of The Pillaged Village

The Pillaged Villagers

Sven the Viking

Sven is a Sea King from the glorious age of Conquest (793-1066). He rules over a fleet of longships which follow the trade routes, pillaging the disorganized tribes in the British Isles and trading down in the Mediterranean basin. He is expert in finding and collecting new goods to bring back to the market towns in Scandinavia. Sometimes too good...

Sven saved the life of a witch who clamed to be from the future who gifted him with a set of far-speakers with which he can communicate with Olaf, Helga and the rest of the PV Chieftains. This allows them to know in advance what booty he is bringing back from his raids and trading expeditions.

Little known fact: Ferengi are directly descended from Sven and follow all his personal philosophies to the letter.

Often heard saying: You won’t believe the great loot I found this time!!!
And We will find some way to pay for it...
Then... OK, lets just hold a sale!

Olaf, Merchant Prince

Olaf is the jarl of the homeland. His longhouse is impressive and stores all the loot and plunder. Many freedmen have flocked to his side because he is a fearless leader and generous with the plunder. He likes to have plenty of thralls and thrallas/bondmaids (especially the thrallas) until Sven trades them away!

Olaf once did a great service for Odin (The all Father and Ruler of Asgard (Viking Heaven)), and was gifted with the power of the Internet. He is now able to display treasures using this power so that freemen and women in other villages can see his wares between his visits to markets. Olaf is in charge of keeping track of the treasures, which is a Herculean task. Skalds have written sagas about the difficulties of this.

Little known fact: 1000 years later, the last scene of “The Raiders of the Lost Ark” will be filmed in Olaf’s long house (the one where they put away the crate carrying the ark of the covenant, duh!).

Often heard saying: Where are we going to put THAT?
And Where are my minions?
It seemed like a good idea at the time...

Countess Helga, Keeper of the Home Fires

Helga is the civilizing force balancing the barbarian nature of the warrior hoard. With her sweet nature, honeyed tongue, soft voice and huge battle axe, she persuades the clan to a more refined standard of behavior. At least while in her hall. Once they leave, they can bash each others’ heads in and engage in other acts of lighthearted frolic.

Freya, goddess of love and beauty, chose Helga as her handmaiden and gifted her with an amulet of eBay. This gives Helga the power to commune with the eBay underworld, a place filled with trolls and dwarves, where even the mightiest of the warriors fear to tread. Armed with charm and diplomacy, even when faced with the almost overwhelming temptation to turn Berserker, she answers the most idiotic of questions without ever resorting to saying “That is clearly answered in the description, Dolt!”.

Little known fact: Helga can tell someone where to go so nicely that they look forward to the trip, with pleasant stops along the way and tips for good lodging and easy portage stops. Afterwards, you would walk away saying, “she is right, I could use a vacation!”.

Often heard saying: That is fine, whatever is good for you
And That person needs to be hit with a clue by four!
Oh look, a chicken!

Eira, the Merciful

Eira deals with the spirit world and is the keeper of secret lore. She is our bard, poet, and resident interpreter of the runes. She speaks with ghosts, banshees and the spirits of the ancestors.

Little known fact: Although legally blind, she often posts new products onto our website. Did you read the fine print where it says we are not responsible for typos?

Your customer service is A1

Many thanks for you quick handling of my small dilemma. I have to rate your customer service as A1. You all have been very friendly and helpful, and...

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