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The following is a listing of some of the more commonly asked questions about our trim and my attempt to answer them:

Q. Why are the prices of seemingly similar trims so different?
A. Often different trim mills will produce trims of very similar patterns (although we are sure that no copying ever occurs!) and they set prices as they wish. There is often a quality difference between one mill and the next, which is apparent in the feel or durability of the trims. This will affect the price accordingly. We try to find the best balance between price and quality, to offer to you trims which are of a high quality without being overly expensive.

Q. Are the trims washable and dry-cleanable?
A. To the best of our knowledge, each of the trims offered by the Pillaged Village is both washable and dry-cleanable. However, we have not personally tested each trim in each design under all conditions. Pre-washing (or pre-dry-cleaning) is recommended with trims, as with all fabrics.

Q. Are these trim patterns based on actual, historical samples?
A. Most of these trims are made for the modern garment industry, not specifically for historical reenactment. Therefore, they will not be directly documentable as actual medieval embroidery patterns. Some of the trims offered are produced specially for The Pillaged Village, and are especially close to actual historical patterns. In specific, check out trims number: 19, 93, 122 and 200. Many others are very close to actual patterns. Look and see!

Q. Why do so many of the trims say "Limited Stock"?
A. In general, trims which work the best for historical costuming do not sell well to the general public. That is why these trims are not readily available through regular retail fabric stores. Therefore, the manufacturers frequently discontinue our favorite styles. If we already know that we are unable to obtain more of a particular style, we try to pass along that information with the other trim information.

Q. How much trim should I buy?
A. It is always advisable to buy enough trim to complete your garment from the same batch. Later orders may be filled from a different dye lot which could affect the color (and in some cases even the pattern!). When in doubt, buy extra! Most people underestimate the amount of trim needed, especially when the trim needs to be placed around a corner or around a curve. Extra trim can always be added to the outfit or an accessory to make the outfit look coordinated.

Q. I'm just making a simple T-tunic, how much trim do I need?
A. In addition to the answer above, my general rule of thumb is: 2 yards to go around the neck, 1 yard for narrow sleeves or narrow upper arms, and 3-4 yards for the hem depending on the width of the fabric and the cut. These are only very gross generalizations, and should be taken only as a starting guess.

Q. I bought some trim from you a long time ago, and now need more. I do not see it in the catalog. What can I do?
A. Always save your scraps when sewing. They can be mailed to us and we will let you know if it is still available. We do have many more styles than are ever shown in the catalog. If it is already sewn on, or you have no scraps, Xerox it and note the colors. We can usually identify the style and deduce the color.

Q. I bought some trim from another source and now need more.
A. See the above Q&A. Send us a sample, or a copy, and we will let you know if we have it or can acquire it. There are many, many trims out there, and we do have a lot of contacts. Perhaps we can find it for you!

Q. Can you absolutely guarantee that my trim order will be in one continuous piece?
A. Sorry, but no. Trim is an intricately woven item, which requires machinery and processes much more complex than those used to manufacture regular wide fabric. The intricacy of the process often results in flawed areas. Most of these bad areas are caught during the manufacturing process and cut out before we receive our orders, causing the trim to be pieced when we receive it. We make every effort to never cut the trims until they are sold to help reduce any additional piecing. For this reason, cut pieces of trim cannot be returned. If you have a particular need for the trim to be in one single piece (such as for a belt), please let us know and we will do our best to ensure that you receive a continuous piece.

Q. How can I order a fractional amount of trim, like 1-1/2 yards?
A. Trim may be ordered in any fractional amount. On the quantity section of the shopping cart screen, simply enter the amount in decimal form. For example, 1-1/2 yards would be entered in the quantity field as "1.5", not "1-1/2".

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